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"The owners of Doughlicious are amazing and the pizza is even better! My husband and I had the pleasure of them catering our backyard wedding New Year's Eve. Throughout the process they were responsive to our inquiries, extremely pleasant, and met our every need. The pizza was a hit, every guest satisfied. I would highly recommend the business and the pizza! Andrea Munson

Wood Fired Pizza Wedding Catering

From casual family get-togethers to elegant weddings, we offer a variety of delicious options that will be perfect for your occasion. Anywhere from 25 to 500 plus people we will handle the food and serve your party upon request.

Just simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we will be in touch to discuss your special needs.

Wood Fired Pizza Catering

We offer a variety of preset menu options, but are also pleased to work with you to custom design menus to match your tastes, theme, or dietary needs. Contact us so we can pull together just the right menu for your special party or occasion.

From wood fired pizzas to salads, desserts and appetizers, we can build a menu that will make your event unforgettable.

To pay for your catering services, just click the PayPal link below. 


Call 480.271.6606

email: info@doughlicious.co

"THE BEST PIZZA!!!! Okay, so here is the deal. These guys are awesome. They make some AMAZING pizza. they do an excellent job and are there for your every need. I used them for my wedding (yeah, pizza for a wedding, genius) and they KNOCKED IT OUT of the park. Like seriously. I couldn't have asked for a better group doing our food. They cooked the pizza on site, so it was fresh and they were So kind with helping with everything. I truly am thankful for them and look forward to finding them at their next event and going JUST because of their pizza." Dakota Kildoo

Wood Fired Pizza Wedding Catering
Wood Fired Pizza Wedding Catering

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